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Cabin Rentals / Accomodations

We offer two types of cabin arrangements: Cabins at the main lodge and outpost cabins.

Main Lodge Cabins

The cabins at the main lodge include the following:

  • Electricity
  • Running water
  • Full bathroom (with sink, toilet and shower)
  • Bed sheets
  • Towels
  • Freezer for your fish
  • Fish house with running water and lights (to filet your catch! Or, ask a guide to help you.)
  • Parking right next to your cabin

Outpost Cabins

Wilderness Cabin Rentals in QuebecThe outpost cabins are 4-star cabins with indoor plumbing, 2 bedrooms, with single and double beds. There are 5 outposts for fishing and 15 outposts for hunting.

Outpost cabins include:

  • Sleep up to 8 people
  • Your own private lake (this is not one of those "15 cabins per lake" type of places. We offer one great cabin per lake so you get to share it with the loons and beavers! The nearest store is 150 miles away and your closest neighbors are a drive away)
  • Bathroom (with toilet and shower)
  • Accessible by road
  • Fish houses to clean your catch of the day (Beryl and Mary Lake outpost cabins only)
  • Propane-based stove, fridge and hot water heater
  • Propane gas lights
  • Wood stove to heat the cabin
  • All outposts accessible by gravel road (so you can park your truck right near the cabin)

Outpost cabins do not include:

  • Gas for your boat motor (we can provide it but it will be cheaper if you bring your own)
  • Electricity (so bring your own generator)

Don't forget to contact us and book your trip early to avoid disappointment.