Wall Mount

Getting Here / Directions

From Montreal, take the Laurentian autoroute north to Mont St. Michel. You can drive all the way to our location from Montreal in one day, although many people (especially businessmen who leave the office late) will choose to stay at a motel about half-way here. There are motels/hotels in the towns of Ferme Neuve or Mont Laurier.

Gas up at Lac St. Paul or Mont St. Michel. Make sure you buy your snacks and cigaretters, and take your bathroom break while there since you'll have to drive 170 km (105 miles) on a gravel road. This should take about 2 and half hours.

It is recommended that you gas up at the Lunic Restaurant, km 82 on the gravel road. Diesel fuel is available there.

Follow the signs to Mary Lake Lodge.

The Longitude: 52 90 403 MN
The Lattitude: 47 43 38 ME
Topographic Map: 31-0-14