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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the cabins accessible by road?

Yes! One of the best parts of Mary Lake Outfitter is that our main lodge cabins, each lake and every single outpost cabin is accessible by road. You do not need to fly here.

Is there electricity?

Yes. The main lodge has electricity. The outpost cabins do not have electricity.

What kind of boats and motors do you have?

The main lodge has spacious 14-foot boats with brand new Yamaha motors. Some lakes have boats that are a little smaller.

Should I bring my own lifejacket?

Yes. Please bring your own lifejacket (personal flotation device / PFD). We can never be sure of what sizes people will need and feel most comfortable wearing so it's best that you bring your own. Lifejackets are mandatory for everyone going out on a boat.

Should I bring my own fishing equipment?

Yes. Bring one main rod and reel and one back-up of each.

Should I bring my own hunting rifles and related equipment?


Do you have ATVs, motorcycles, or other "high-end" activities.

Please note that Mary Lake Outfitter is not a "Disney" type of resort. We do not offer ATV/four wheeler rentals, jet skis, motorcycles, peddle boats, parasailing, bungee jumping, or other "high-end" vacation leisure activities. Since 1982, guests just like you have come for the fresh air, fishing or hunting, and the pristine, natural, and quiet surroundings. It's an atmosphere you can't find in big city living. Please do not bring motorcycles, ATVs or similar vehicles.

Can I take my fish home?

Yes! Our guide will filet your fish for you and you can stick it in your cooler for the journey home. There's nothing like fresh fish and besides, you'll want to share the edible results of your trip with friends and family back home!

What types of wildlife can we expect to see?

The beauty of being out in the wild and away from larger cities is that you may come across animals you wouldn't see otherwise. Fisherman trolling in their boats frequently come across beavers building dams, nearby loons singing in the water, eagles soaring above the tree lines, and other animals.

Is there a sand beach?

Yes. We have a great natural sand beach right in front of the main lodge. You are welcome to swim in the pristine and refreshing water. There is also a dock there and you can catch fish from the dock.

This is a photo of a guest fishing from the dock during the evening.

Do your guests come from far away?

Yes! While many of our guests come from right here in Quebec, many come in from other Canadian provinces, US states, and throughout Europe. (Our great reputation extends overseas!).

What languages do you speak?

We provide services in French and English.

Should we tip our guide?

Many people offer gratuities as a kind gesture of thanks and gratitude for working hard to make sure you enjoy your adventure and stay with us. Outfitter rates do not include gratuities and many people are unsure of what is customary regarding gratuities for guiding services. Please note that any gratuities are at your discretion and are strictly voluntary. The actual amount typically varies but about 10-15% is common and is very much appreciated. Our guides strive to make your wilderness experience a more comfortable and enjoyable one.

What if there's an emergency?

The office has a satellite phone for emergency use only.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact our office. During the hunting and fishing seasons, it's best to call us directly on site. During the winter, the cabins are closed so please call us at our winter home. This is our livelihood so we are always available to answer your questions and make reservations.


We encourage you to contact us for more information and to book your reservation today!