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Bear Hunting

We only offer VIP bear hunts. The best Quebec bear hunting in our region lasts from the final 2 weeks of May until the 3rd week in June. We only offer black bear hunting for guests who stay at the main lodge.

Quebec Bear HuntsBear hunts are only in spring as per government regulations. Further, only one bear per hunter per season is allowed. Once you've caught your bear, have a beer, relax, and go fishing! Your guide will skin your trophy bear, salt the pelt, put it in the freezer. If you need a taxidermist, we can refer you to an experienced professional in Montreal.

Hunting Packages

Our hunting packages include the following:

  • Hunting guide
  • Transportation from the main lodge to the hunting territory
  • The most effective active bear baits (note that the owner personally visits the site every day and puts special attractants to bring bears into the area)
  • Fishing at no extra charge! That's right, you get a hunting fishing combo: Fishing is free with VIP hunting!

Please call for pricing (or email us here).

A Typical Bear Hunting Day

  • Get up at 7am
  • Have breakfast
  • The boat is gassed up to go fishing if you desire
  • Get ready for hunting at 3pm and go out to catch the big one!
  • Have a great meal and relax during the evening

What to Bring

We have a full range of items to bring listed here.

We encourage you to contact us to book your hunting trip today! Reserve early to avoid disappointment.


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