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Moose Hunting

Moose Hunting in QuebecThe ideal time for moose hunting in Quebec is the last week of September (around September 26th or so) up to first 2 weeks of October (around October 16th), for a total of about three weeks. A five-day stay with us is plenty of time to get that giant moose!

Don't forget! Quebec moose hunting law allows for the capture/killing of one moose per group of two people.

A Typical Moose Hunting Day

  • Start with a 5am wake-up call (the electricity generator will wake everyone up! That's how remote we are... no outside car honking, phones, or radio announcers!)
  • Breakfast is served until 6am
  • Lunch is made for you to stay in the bush all day (you do not come back from lunch)
  • You return for dinner after a long day of hunting (expect to eat around 7:30-8pm). Your dinner will consist of roast beef, a t-bone steak, a glass of wine, dessert (more info on meals).
  • A guide will be with you all day, calling the moose for you. He works hard to get you that prized moose!
  • When you kill the moose, you quarter the meat only, we do not do meat processing. Packaging for the taxidermist is available (we can refer you to a good taxidermy specialist).

What to Bring

Aside from a good quality rifle, a thermos for hot tea or hot cofee in the bush, snacks and goodies to eat while you wait, please read this list carefully. Remember that if you're dying for a chocolate bar, they'll be far away so pack accordingly!


We encourage you to contact us to book your hunting trip today! Reserve early to avoid disappointment.


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