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Northern Pike Fishing

Northern pikes are frequently called the sharks of fresh water. These ferocious predators are known for their strong hits on lures, exciting fights, and large sizes. Pike are typically found in weeds, among dead trees and logs, shallow bays, near beaver dams, at the bottom of waterfalls, and other places where they can stalk their prey.

Come fish for monster pike! Stay at the main lodge with the American Plan/V.I.P. package, or you and your friends can rent a private outpost cabin with your own lake full of fish!

Spectacular Fishing!

Quebec pike fishing is among the most exciting fresh water fishing in North America! Don't be surprised if you're reeling in a walleye and a pike chomps down on what it thinks is a sick fish. Many people actually net both fish at the same time when that happens! As you reel in, pike occassionally jump out of the water, making the fight even more exciting! When pike come close and see your boat, they often head straight back out giving you a great adventurous fight. There's nothing like reeling in a monster pike while your adrenaline is pumping and your heart is racing! Come experience the excitement with us!

Fishing for pike is also thrilling because they can grow to be quite large and when one bites and starts pulling, you never know how big it's going to be. That monster pike might be right near you!

Popular Pike Fishing Lures

Pike will bite on just about anything but some of the best lures are red and whites.

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