Wall Mount

Walleye Fishing (Dore Fishing)

Quebec walleye fishing is among the best there is. While walleye are not known as major fighters, they are finicky eaters and are a very popular dinner and shore lunch option among fishermen!

If you're interested in walleye fishing, we have 2 main types of packages. Either you can stay at the main lodge with the V.I.P. package, or you can rent a private outpost cabin for you and your friends.

We encourage you to contact us to book your fishing trip today! Reserve early to avoid disappointment.

About Walleye

The walleye is a popular fish that is found throughout Canada and the US. Its English name comes from the fact that its eye looks like a wall. In Quebec, its French name is "dore" (pronounced door-ay") which is the French word for golden. The gold colour refers to its yellow-golden belly.


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